Everything under one roof.
Everything under your control.

We are overjoyed as we experience daily the tremendous fascination and demand for electronic products. Seen from the outside, our contribution is not that overwhelming. But it is a contribution we have developed with great responsibility, perfection and passionate commitment, reaching the top performance we can offer today. Just as the concepts of fascination and responsibility intertwine at top wtronic level, so is the systematic and personal pooling of many materials, partners and production steps paramount at wtronic.

Our perfectly coordinated full service process is the fundamental component here. At wtronic, we cast ourselves as the experienced master in this complex field, competently accompanying our customers through their production with our innovative masterminds, proven processes and outstanding commitment. Everything under one roof. Everything under your control.




Apart from SMT and THT assembly, we also offer the manufacture of complete devices. We in this respect satisfy your top quality demands by deploying comprehensive functional tests, including our unique wtronic Doublecheck.


Our pool of manufacturers
allows us to offer you all PCB 
at the best possible price/performance ratio. Our involvement is effective, flexible and always on time.


Service culture.
Far more than technology.


“The meaning of communication is the response you get,” so says Richard Bandler. In respect of our intensive interaction with our customers and every single project, we are in total agreement with Bandler. Every technical product we develop with and for our customers comprises countless ideas and reliable commitment with our heart and soul. 

It is best to see for yourself! The following will offer you a quick glimpse behind the scenes: Quality Management – made in Austria, with an overview of your personal competent wtronic contact persons, and our innovative Immediate enquiry APP which offers you a unique way of making a non-binding enquiry in 2 steps, fast and simple.

Full Service

We interlink an intelligent network of top experts, partners and suppliers into a successful package.


The heart of wtronic comprises committed and experienced masterminds busy every day with offering optimal solutions to your problems.


Our digital full-service enables you to easily configure your cost-optimized PCB in a few steps. Furthermore, our app allows „quick and easy" queries via smartphone and tablet.

 Why is Wtronic so special?
There is always a solution - No matter what.

  • Know-how

    Our know-how about the production and assembling of PCB allows us to offer you the perfect solution to the manufacture of your product.
  • Personal commitment

    Your contact person will support you through all the phases of completion of your order.
  • Wide product range

    Because we are in constant cooperation with different manufacturers, we can offer you all types of PCBs, their assembling and up to complete devices.
  • Best cost-benefit ratio

    Since we procure your PCBs primarily in Europe and internationally, optimally coordinated technology and production sites will deliver your PCBs at optimum cost-benefit ratios.
  • Maximum independence

    We will organise the optimal production based on the data you provide us. Technology-spanning production facilities and a multi-skilled pool of experts offer wtronic customers maximum flexibility and independence.
  • Effectiveness

    Our competent advisory services, full service and flexible production ensure optimal effectiveness (materials, costs, time, …) of your production.
  • Minimal quantities

    Our high procurement volumes and efficient production facilities will offer you optimum conditions.
  • Flexibility

    Through our cooperation with various manufacturers and suppliers and daily production planning we can offer you perfect flexibility.
  • Effective risk management

    Our grasp of the market and close cooperation with manufacturers allows us to offer you effective risk management and your concomitant low risk of failure.
  • Top quality standards

    Based on our many years of experience in the sector, we can guarantee you optimal selection of manufacturers and top quality backed up by the reliability and intense commitment of our entire team.
  • Surety

    Our effective risk management and the “purchasing pool” of our various manufacturers optimally minimises our customers’ risk of loss. This offers you the surety you need.
  • Maximum Service guarantee

    Despite of our success rate of over 99%, we are fully aware of unpredictable residual risk, generally of different origins. Our guarantee to manage any production including all its demands with 100% wtronic competency is honest and needs no discussion.

By the numbers.

7 international locations
from Völkermarkt.